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Compass Pointe

Starting the project
Starting the project
More sand needed
Spreading Sand for paver bed
Brandon and Flaco taking a break
Getting the sand to the roof
What a view
Laying the pavers
Jim checking the project
Nate screeding sand
Flaco moving sand
Terrell laying that herrringbone
Tight quarters to work in
Very Very tight work area
One section laid
Another section with the planter/knee wall
Starting the hot tub
Hot tub half complete
Rear sidewalks
Rear Sidewalks
Compass Completed

This roof top garden had to be professionally designed and engineered prior to the installation. This project is unique to Dovers growing community. The pavers chosen are Autumn Blend Brickstone 4X8 laid in a herring bone pattern. The garden walls are Autumn Blend Coventry wall with a bullnose cap.The garden will include a hot tub, sitting area and variety of plants.The front of the office building will have a 90ft compass rose to accent Dovers newest addition.